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A Short Break

8:34 PM

Hello! I'm just hopping on the blog real quick to let you all know that I will be taking a short break from posting every Sunday. I thought a lot about this and decided that I needed a little vacation from blogging. I've loved blogging and still love it, but after doing it for two and a half years, I'm beginning to feel the need for a quick break. My philosophy is that it's always better to give yourself a break before you get totally burned out.

When I first made this blog, I couldn't even sleep at night because of how many ideas I had!! I really want to find that excitement again, and I want to prevent blogging from becoming a chore for me. Plus, I'm just really busy, what with school during the week and work on the weekends. And now I have to clean and cook for myself too... so I think that cutting this out temporarily will be good for me. But I'm hoping to come back refreshed and excited to come up with new posts again!

I haven't yet decided exactly when I will start posting again, but during my break, feel free to rifle through all the archived posts! After all, there are 147 of them to go through! (Find them in the column on the left, under "Check out past posts!")

October TBR

7:50 PM

I'm back with another TBR! If you missed my September TBR, you can check it out here. I really enjoyed writing that one, so I decided to do it again for the month of October!

Last month I actually stuck with my TBR pretty well! I read all of the books I listed except Once and for All by Sarah Dessen. Instead, I read To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Go Set a Watchman was on my TBR, and after reading that one, I was dying to read To Kill a Mockingbird. I would never have imagined reading To Kill a Mockingbird for fun five years ago when I was forced to read it, but this time, I loved every page! It was such a good book. I couldn't even reconcile this fascinating, gripping story with the dull one that I had read all those years ago. I think I was just at a better age for really understanding all the nuances of the book.

Tomato Day + Shopping Local

7:47 PM

Today I wanted to share about one of my favorite days of summer 2017: Tomato Day at my favorite local plant nursery. Every year, this nursery hosts a major tomato tasting. They gather almost a hundred varieties of tomatoes and invite people to the farm to sample them, as well as shop at the numerous booths selling handmade goods. (We bought a delicious local honey made from pollen from orange blossoms!!) This was my first year attending Tomato Day, but I'm planning to make it a new yearly tradition!