DIY Easter Decorations

7:01 AM

Hello again! The time for chocolate, family, church, and bunny ears is coming up fast! If you're as excited for Easter as I am, you'll love these five DIY decorations.

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DIY Flower Hair Accessories

8:00 AM

Spring is in the air!

In case you didn't realize, March 20th, last Friday, was the first day of spring! So, this week I decided to show you how to make two DIY flower hair accessories that you can wear this season! (See? I kept my promise from my last post.)

1. Flower hairclip

My Top Five SAT-Taking Tips

4:35 PM

Hello again!

I know this may seem like a strange, and perhaps disheartening, topic for my first "official" blog post. However, I just took the SAT yesterday morning, so it's still fresh on my mind. I promise to post a yummy pie recipe or fun DIY project next week!

Without further ado, here are my top five SAT-taking tips!

Hello world!

7:26 PM

Well, here goes nothing.

I suppose the best way to start a blog is by introducing myself. My name is Trina and I am seventeen years old. I am a busy high school junior who loves to read, bake, sew, and, as of recently, blog in my free time.

I'm glad you stumbled upon my blog! This is where I will share thoughts, adventures, DIY projects, recipes, and other creative ideas. If that interests you, stop by every Sunday to see a new post!

I also want to say that if you have any blog entry requests, please leave it in the comments! As a new blogger, I am very open to ideas. Who knows what this blog will become in the future?

Signing out for the first time,