Fun in the Garden

7:58 AM

The weather is warming, and its time to get gardening! Last Friday, I made a trip to Home Depot and got a little carried away. I have four raised garden beds that I use every year. Hopefully I'll have enough room!


 There is something so inspiring about seeing rows and rows of possibilities for your garden.
On Saturday, I spent the entire day outside gardening. The weather is beautiful here. Here's a picture of four terracotta pots that I painted and planted my herbs in.


I used outdoor acrylic paint from Michaels. Each pot needed 2-3 layers of paint. I painted the outside and the rims and left the inside and the bottom unpainted.



 I used a regular black sharpie to label them.





Also, if you go to a hardware store and ask for paint stirrers, they give you a whole bunch for free. They're perfect for garden labels! I painted them with outdoor acrylic paint and wrote on them using a Sharpie paint pen.



The vegetables that I decided to grow this year are tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumber. I planted three different kinds of cherry tomatoes, along with better boy, celebrity, and roma. In past years, these types have grown well and have produced many tomatoes.

Can't wait to watch my garden grow! I'll post updates in a few weeks!

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