DIY Drawer Organizer

6:45 AM

Cluttered drawers. We all have them. My bathroom drawer in particular was extremely messy. I had to stick my hand in and dig around for a bit before I could find anything! That's why, from the first moment I saw it, I fell in love with this idea.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a before picture. Fortunately, you don't get to see how messy and disgusting this drawer was before I organized it.

I love, love, love this idea! (Did I already say that?) It's fairly easy (though kinda time-consuming) and completely free. You don't have to buy any special supplies for it plus you get to recycle empty cereal boxes! I think the end result looks beautiful, too. The wrapping paper really gives your drawer a fun pop of color! I smile every time I get ready in the morning now.

Have I convinced you yet?

I hope so.
The only con to this DIY is that you don't get to start right away. You have to be patient and slowly collect cereal boxes as they become empty. I collected about four or five different sized boxes. And no, of course they don't have to be cereal boxes. I used one box that was used to package frozen quesadillas!

Once you have collected your boxes, take your drawer out and place it on the floor or some other flat surface. Put one of your boxes inside and use a Sharpie to draw a line on the box just above the edge of the drawer.

Cut along the line. Do the same for the other boxes and begin to play around with how you want them arranged. I ran out of boxes, so I just cut out another chunk of a box I had already used. It didn't have a bottom, but worked out just fine.

Once you've decided what goes where, it's time to cover the boxes with wrapping paper. You can also use pretty scrapbook paper or even fabric. I decided to use the same pattern for all of the boxes, but feel free to mismatch them if you so desire.

This was the most time-consuming part of this DIY. Here's the most important thing you have to remember: don't be concerned with being perfect! It's probably not going to be! And if you try to make it perfect, you may easily spend your entire day trying to perfectly wrap each and every side of each and every box. It took me long enough without trying to make it perfect! Besides, once they're all placed in the drawer, the imperfections are mostly hidden. Another thing to remember: use tape. When in doubt, just use tape. Lots of it.

There are a lot of methods you can use to wrap the boxes. Here is one of the best ones I tried. Cut a narrow strip of wrapping paper and tape it down as shown in the picture below. The picture doesn't show this, but the wrapping paper extends down the two outside faces on the left and right as well.

Next, use a wider piece of wrapping paper to cover the rest of the box. If you use this method, you only cut out two pieces of wrapping paper, so the end product doesn't have many seams. If you end up with some bare spots, great! That means you're not being a perfectionist. If you'd like, patch them up with scrap pieces of wrapping paper.

Once you're done wrapping, place them back into the drawer and arrange everything into the neat compartments!

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