How I'm Going to Drink Less Soda

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Soda is the second most consumed beverage in the United States (with water being the first). Americans guzzle 57 gallons of soda per year. Yes, that's per person.

While it may be delicious, soda negatively affects the human body in multiple ways. As you already know, one can of soda contains a monstrous amount of sugar. Approximately ten teaspoons! Consuming soda causes blood sugar to skyrocket, which can lead to diabetes, weight gain, and several other health problems. It can also cause the build up of plague and a higher chance of cavities. It doesn't even hydrate the body because of all the sodium, caffeine, and sugar. To make it worse, there are absolutely no health benefits whatsoever in soda, so it can't even counterbalance any of its negative affects.

After reading that, you must think I'm a health nut. I'm not. I love my soda (Virgil's Dr. Better is the best). There is no way I can eliminate it completely. My goal is to simply drink less of it. How am I going to do it? Here's how.

The sparkling water 30-day challenge.

Sparkling water. It's bubbly. It's flavored. Just like soda, right?

Kidding. I can taste the lack of sugar. And the strange flavor of sparkling water takes some getting used to. But there is no sugar and no calories. To me, that makes it worth trying, at least for 30 days.
And I must say, my taste buds are definitely adjusting because sparkling water tastes better and better after each day of the challenge. A few years ago, after hearing about all the positive effects of tea, I took the tea 30-day challenge. I forced down a cup of tea every day and by the end of the challenge, I loved tea. So, by personal experience, I can guarantee that this idea works. 

So what is sparkling water exactly? It's plain water infused with carbon dioxide. It has no caffeine, sodium, sugar, or calories. Plus, it still keeps you hydrated!

La Croix Coconut

Cascade Ice Mixed Berry

Simply Balanced Tropical Cherry

There are lots of flavors to try. It's actually pretty fun to pick them out. So far, the La Croix Coconut is my favorite. Another favorite is Cascade Ice Lemon Lime. It tastes very similar to Sprite. I've also tried Simply Balanced Tropical Cherry (not the best, but feel free to try it yourself), Cascade Ice Mixed Berry, and Cascade Ice Blueberry. 

I dare you to give sparkling water a try. A real try. For 30 days. And see if you're still craving that sugary soda.

'Til next Sunday!

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