In Honor of Ice Cream Month...

4:22 PM


The last day of National Ice Cream Month has arrived too soon. Not only does it also mean the end of July (and consequently the first month of school) but it also means that I let all 31 days of National Ice Cream Month pass by without doing anything at all to celebrate.

But not to worry. I have decided to do something that will make up for my celebration procrastination. The ultimate way to show ice cream my unconditional devotion and love.

I will buy an ice cream maker. 

In fact, I can't believe I haven't bought one until now. Homemade ice cream on demand? It's the greatest thing ever! I have chosen one from Amazon after some tedious research and brand comparison...but I feel confident that this one is the best for the price. Of course, there are better ones out there... But I'm not willing to pay $200+ at the present... So $53.99 it is. Here's the one I got (click on the picture for the link to Amazon):

Wish me luck on this new ice-cream-making adventure! Expect some ice cream recipes up on the blog soon!

And happy last day of National Ice Cream Month!

P.S. So usually I only post on Sundays, but I'm considering breaking that habit. I'll still post on Sundays, but I may add some other posts during the rest of the week. We'll see how it goes!

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