Sew Your Own Pencil Pouch!

7:58 AM

The start of school is coming up.
There, I said it. Hold your moaning and groaning, for I have an idea for making the transition back to the classroom slightly more enjoyable.

Here it is: fun school supplies. Even better: fun, handmade school supplies. The best: fun, handmade, colorful school supplies. This pencil pouch fits all those requirements! And it's really easy to sew, even if you're not an avid sewer. Can you sew a straight line? Good. Then you can do this, no problem.

Don't let the zipper scare you away either. You don't need a special zipper foot. Your regular one will do just fine. Also, there's no need to shorten your zipper or use a fancy bar tack or any of that jazz. Straight lines. That's it, I promise.

I used this same exact pattern last school year and my pencil pouch lasted me the entire year! Plus I got several compliments! I love this design because it looks small and slim, yet holds more than you'd think! I fit all my pencils and erasers and highlighters in no problem. And I have an unnecessary amount of all of those.

Supplies you'll need to make your pencil pouch:

~scrap fabric (at least a piece that is 9.5" by 7")
~a zipper that is 10" or longer (mine was 11")
~felt (at least a piece that is 9" by 12"--sold at Michael's)
~optional: charm for the zipper

First, cut your scrap fabric into two 9.5" by 3.5" pieces.

 If you have a single piece of 9" by 12" felt, cut it in half hot dog style (aka longwise, so that the pieces measure 4.5" by 12"). If you have a larger piece of felt, cut it in two 4.5" by 12" pieces. Place the felt under the fabric as shown below.

Sew along the edge of the fabric to bind it to the felt.

Trim off the excess felt.

Now, with one piece facing right side up, align the zipper right side down as shown below and pin into place.

Sew along the edge.

Flip the piece over and sew a top stitch.

Take the other fabric/felt piece and align it on the zipper right side down as shown below. Pin in place and sew. Flip it over and sew a top stitch just like you did for the other side.

It should look sort of like a rectangular butterfly after you're done.

Now, fold the right sides together and pin.

Sew along the long edge only!

Now fold the pencil pouch so that the seam you've just sewn is aligned under the zipper.

Sew along the short edges. Sew slowly when crossing the zipper so the needle doesn't hit the metal too hard (I learned that from experience--my needle bent).

Trim off the excess, even the overhanging zipper. Don't be scared to cut right through the metal/plastic teeth (just don't use your best scissors).

Turn it inside out and admire your work!

If you want, attach a charm using pliers. I got mine at Hobby Lobby in the jewelry section.

All ready to add a little brightness to the first day of school!

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