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DIY Hula Tassels | damask love


Over the weekend, sometimes all I need is a simple, cheap craft to help me de-stress and clear my head. This craft is perfect for that! It took me back to my friendship bracelet making days. And it was such a fun way to play with colors! Seriously, if you have not been in the embroidery thread aisle at Michael's, check it out! I swear I heard angels singing when I laid eyes on it.

Anyway, I found this craft on Damask Love. Feel free to check out how her tassels turned out! (And don't you just love the name hula tassels? That makes them sound so fun!)

six skeins of embroidery floss, various colors
jump ring
pliers (to open the jump ring)

This project was my first exposure to jump rings and I was surprised at all the choices there were! All different colors and sizes! I ended up using a gold, 9 mm jump ring for this craft.

Choose which color you want the body of the hula tassel to be and set that skein aside. Then, from each of the other colors, cut 1 yard of floss (for me, 1 yard was about 6 wraps around four of my fingers--excluding my thumb).

About one-third up the skein of your main color, tie a knot using one of the other colors. It's not necessary to double-knot.

Throughout the next step, hold the short end down against the skein of your main color.

Wrap the long end around several times, over the short end.

Tie a knot (just one) using the long end and the short end.

Using the next color, tie a knot underneath the first color.

Wrap this color around several times, just like you did with the last one. Remember to wrap over both ends of the first color.

Continue this process until the middle third is covered. Leave one color of embroidery thread to use later.

Trim the threads sticking out from the bottom. Don't worry about trimming it down completely, since the scraggly ends with be covered up during the next steps.

Bend the wrapped skein in half.

With your last remaining color, tie a knot at the base of the wrapped sections. This time, double knot it.

Wrap around as shown, then use some craft glue to stick the end down.

Dip the end of the tassel in a shallow layer of water.

Cut an even line across the end. Dipping it in water beforehand makes it easier to cut evenly.

Use the pliers to separate the jump ring, then hook it through a few threads at the top of the tassel.
Then, it's finished! Clip it to your keys, a backpack, a purse, or anything that has a zipper!

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