Fall Craft: Leaf Garland

8:20 AM

It's already week 3 of the Fall Craft series happening right here on the blog! So far I've shared how to make a Wood Slice Chalkboard and a Painted Craft Pumpkin!

This week, I'm going to show you how to make a leaf garland. It's super super simple and an easy way to add some fall charm to your home!

All you need is:

fake leaves
hot glue

I had eight red autumn leaves (from Michael's) and about 3 1/2 feet of tan yarn.

Simply hot glue the back of each leaf to the yarn. Try to space them apart evenly, but it doesn't have to be perfect. I glued my two smallest leaves on each end to make it look more symmetrical.


Wasn't that easy? I really like how it turned out. And it took almost no effort at all! Best thing about it? Since the leaves are fake, you can use it again every year! I think this will be a perfect fall decoration to bring to my college dorm.

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