Christmas Essentials

11:39 AM

Only 12 days 'til Christmas! In celebration of the season, I wanted to share with you nine Christmas essentials that I enjoy every holiday season!

candle with a wooden wick - I love these because they smell so good and they crackle like a mini fire! This one is from Target.

vanilla bean noel lotion - What is there to say? It just smells amazing. I use it year-round.

Let It Snow - It's kind of become a traditional of mine to read this every year during December. This year, I was really excited, so I started it a bit too early and already finished it. Oops.

hot chocolate on a stick - This makes the best hot chocolate! It's basically a cube of chocolate on a stick that you swirl around in warm milk. Yum! You can find this one at Trader Joe's or save some money and make it yourself.

twisted peppermint lotion - I have had this lotion for a few years now. It sits on my dresser all year, but I don't let myself use it until after Thanksgiving. When my hands smell like twisted peppermint, you know it's Christmas time.

peppermint hot chocolate - 'Tis the season for hot chocolate and everything peppermint. This particular peppermint hot chocolate is from Trader Joe's. Drink it with a candy cane for even more peppermint flavor!

candy cane green tea - This was the first tea I ever liked. I call it "level one" tea. So even if you're not a tea drinker, give it a go! And it's only at Trader Joe's during the holiday season, so stock up! (I buy about 5-6 boxes in December so I can enjoy it all year round!)

fuzzy socks - Fuzzy socks are a must. They also make great gifts, because who doesn't want another pair of fuzzy socks?

linzer cookie cutter set - I've been having so much fun making linzer cookies with these! Find them at World Market.

I hope you enjoyed this quick round-up of Christmas essentials! Happy Holidays! 

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