DIY Christmas Pillowcase

5:36 PM

Phew! Finals are over! I'm officially halfway through my senior year! I honestly can't believe I'm a senior still. The days are long but the years are short. Never have truer words been spoken. 

Anyway, Christmas is almost here! I'm so excited to spend the next two weeks of Christmas break doing all of my favorite things: visiting family, baking cookies, reading by the fire... And sewing Christmas pillowcases!

This pillow came about through improvisation... I was playing around with some fabric and lace that my grandma gave to me, and I actually like how it turned out! So I decided to share how to make it here. I know the holidays are busy, but this pattern is really flexible and works just fine for nonseasonal pillowcases as well.

  • fabric, enough to cover your pillow
  • lace, the length of your pillow
  • zipper, the length of your pillow
  • lumbar pillow
  • sewing machine

Step 1 First I'm going to give you an idea of how this pillowcase will be constructed. Place your lumbar pillow on the right side down fabric.

Step 2 Fold the fabric above the pillow over to cover the top half.

Step 3 Fold the rest of the fabric over to cover the bottom half. Make sure that your fabric's pattern is facing in the direction you want it to. 

The zipper will be placed where the ends of fabric meet. The lace will go on top.

Step 4 Now we sew on the zipper. Take the edge of fabric that wrapped around the top half of the pillow and place it right side up. Then, take the zipper and place it right side down, with the edge of the zipper and the edge of the fabric aligned. Sew together. You can see my stitches in the picture above. 

Step 5 Now for the lace. Place it over the zipper. 

And sew it on. 

Step 6 Fold the pillow case with the right sides together. Fold the lace down as shown in the picture above.

Align the edge of the fabric with the edge of the zipper. Sew them together. After this step, your pillow case should be a tube of fabric, with the zipper connecting the edges. 

Step 7 Stick your pillow inside the pillowcase. Pin one of the short ends closed. Remove the pillow and sew the short end closed, using your pins as a guide. (This ensures that your pillowcase is the right size when you sew it closed.) Repeat with the other side, slipping the pillow in, pinning, then sewing following the pins. When you reach the zipper, lift the needle, then set it on the other side. We'll reinforce it in the next step. (Trust me on this one. I've broken a needle sewing across a zipper!)

Step 8 Double-thread a needle and reinforce the zipper by hand, looping the thread around the zipper several times. Tie it off and snip the extra thread. Repeat with the other end.

Step 9 Turn the pillowcase inside out. You're done! Not too hard right?

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