Printable Valentine's Day Cupcake Toppers

12:21 PM

I am super excited about today's post. I have finally figured out how to upload a PDF from Adobe Illustrator onto my blog! And that means I can make free printables! I've been experimenting a lot with Adobe Illustrator over the past month or so and I think I've finally got the hang of it (the basics, at least...). I designed these color blocked heart cupcake toppers with Adobe Illustrator. There are twelve on a sheet, perfect for a dozen cupcakes! I recommend using cardstock to print them. It's pretty self-explanatory after that: cut them out, tape them on a toothpick (with cute washi tape of course!), and stick them on cupcakes! So cute!

The way you download these is by clicking the arrow in the box icon in the top right corner. This will take you to another window, where you can download it. Happy early Valentine's Day!

Breakfast Chia Seed Pudding

9:37 AM

Hey hey! I've noticed that there are a lot of new faces hanging around here lately, so I just want to say hi to all of you! My name is Trina and I run this blog. I post once a week every Sunday. I hope you stick around! Whether you're new here or have been here a while, feel free to comment below or send me a note via the contact form in the sidebar if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions! Or if you just want to say hi. That's cool too.

So, let's jump right into this breakfast recipe. If you're a skeptic about the whole chia seed pudding thing, don't worry, because I was, too. I had it once, hated it, and never tried it again... until now. I saw this post on Love and Lemons and was inspired to give it another go.

DIY Camera Strap Cover

3:00 PM

For Christmas, I received my first "real" camera. So far, it's been amazing! I'm having a lot of fun
playing around with all the manual settings. I was looking on Amazon for some cute camera straps because the one my camera came with was functional, but boring. Then, it came to me. Why buy one when I can DIY one? So that's what I did.

DIY Hand Warmers

2:58 PM

I know there hasn't been a crafty post here in a while, but recently all of my crafty energy has been poured into my Etsy shop... not that you could tell by looking. I recently started experimenting with Adobe Illustrator... which takes some time to master. But I'll have some new listings up soon. 

This craft will make up for my recent crafty hiatus. DIY hand warmers! It's an easy, fast, and useful way to use up all that scrap fabric! In the middle of January, its freezing cold (yes, even in California, I swear!), so every little bit counts. I tried these out and they feel so good on cold hands and keep their heat for quite a while. Plus, they're small enough to fit inside gloves!

Dad's 10 Layer Dip

1:13 PM

I hope you had a fabulous New Year! I cannot believe its 2016 already! Time flies. I still haven't finalized my resolutions yet, but I'm nearly there!

Speaking of resolutions, I know half of America just made a resolution to lose weight, but this dip is really good. Besides, it's not all bad, right? Tomatoes, olives, avocado, green onion, salsa... Those are all good things. It's very very similar to the famous seven-layer dip, with a few extras, like ground cumin with the refried beans and freshly sliced avocado in addition to guacamole.