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So my little sister turned 15 yesterday. When did that happen? I feel like just the other day she was following me around and begging me to play with her. Now... we're wearing each other's clothes, going to the same school, liking the same things... She is less my little sister and more a friend now.

4 Steps to an Ice Cream Crawl | Oh Happy Day!
{photo from Oh Happy Day}

To celebrate her birthday. we took a trip to San Francisco to do something that was actually on my bucket list. It's called an Ice Cream Crawl. I mentioned it while we were brainstorming birthday party ideas and we immediately latched onto it. I got the idea from Oh Happy Day. She designed this super cute printable for it (above).

So I realize you're probably still wondering what an Ice Cream Crawl is. It's basically a "tour" of ice cream shops (preferably not chains). You go around, trying the most popular ice cream flavors from each shop and rate them as you go.

It was super fun. Not only were we eating ice cream all day long but we were also laughing at how crazy we were and just having a good time. You can definitely try this in any big city, but if you go to San Francisco, here are the ice cream shops we went to: Smitten, Bi-Rite, Humphry Slocombe, the Velvet Scoop, and Mitchell's. I won't tell you which one was my favorite (though there was a clear winner) because I want you to go try it for yourself! 

There's just one key to a successful ice cream crawl: only a few bites at each place! There were four of us, so we just got two or three scoops at each place and split it. Trust me... it's enough. We did the math and it turns out we each ate 4 scoops during the duration of the ice cream crawl! But it was over a period of four or five hours, so I didn't feel sick of ice cream.

So there you go! This was one of my favorite days ever in San Francisco (second only to the giant Etsy craft fair I went to back in November). If you love ice cream, this is a must!

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