Happy Easter 2016

11:27 AM

Well, I'm taking the day off this Easter Sunday. In lieu of a full-on post, I decided to share a few photos I doodled on. I recently bought myself a Wacom Intuos Draw tablet (I'll do a whole post on it another time) and it is probably one of the best things I've ever bought myself! It allows me to draw straight onto a photo or in Adobe Illustrator.

These pictures also serve as great reminders of the real meaning of Easter. It is the day that we remember the sacrifice Christ made on our behalf to save us from our sins. Don't forget to look past the chocolate and the colorful plastic eggs and the bunny decorations to remember why we celebrate today.

I hope that this day brings you joy and plenty of fun times with friends and family. By the time this post goes up, I'll be on my way to my grandparents' house!

See you next Sunday! And happy Easter!

Easter Place Cards (Free Printable!)

2:28 PM


Happy first day of spring! I am more than ready for the cold weather to be over! Even though I live in California, I still dislike the winter. For those of you who live in the snow - kudos to you. I don't know how you do it!

My 18th Birthday

5:43 PM

Eeeee! I'm 18 at last! I don't feel old enough to be an adult (and vote!), but I like the feeling of having all these new privileges, even if I don't plan on acting on most of them (e.g. buying cigarettes!!).

I've been dying to get some of these gold number balloons. My parents said they couldn't find them anywhere, but then they surprised me with them yesterday! And they're just as cool as I dreamed they would be! Even though things got a little crazy in that first picture! There was a slight breeze and the balloons just couldn't handle it. My solution:

Much better, right? I think they're going to last a while, so they'll be hanging out in the corner of my room for the next month or so. That's fine by me! It seems a shame to throw them away.


5:44 PM

The Yellow Mailbox is one year old today! So, of course, I baked it a cake and bought a candle from Party City to celebrate. It just made sense.

Sure, I'm ridiculous, but I love my blog. And I love blogging. A year ago, I sat down on my beanbag and used Blogger to start a blog. Now, my thoughts and weekends revolve around my blog. It has been a great experience so far. Plus, this cake was delicious. I used this buttermilk cake recipe and this vanilla buttercream recipe.

So I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me and my blog. It's grown up so much in it's first year of existence. But that wouldn't be the case if it wasn't for the huuuuuge support from friends and family that I've received. You know who you are. Thanks a bunch. You are beyond amazing.

Alright. So originally, I wrote a huge long post for today, but in the end, I threw it out. (Well, I didn't throw it out, I'm planning to recycle it in a few weeks.) But I had a better idea. On a whim, I made a little behind-the-scenes video documenting my first blogiversary. At first, it was just going to be for fun, as a memory for me. I took a smattering of random, short video clips and pieced them together. But then... I really liked how it turned out. So long story short, here is a quick video I want to share with all of you lovely readers. I hope you enjoy seeing the behind-the-scenes of how I do the photo-shoots around here. And thanks for helping me celebrate my first blogiversary!

Free iPhone Wallpaper for Spring

11:15 AM

Well, it feels like spring here in California. And it will actually be spring in only a few weeks! Mark your calendars! On March 20th, winter will officially be over! In celebration of the rapidly-approaching change in seasons and the upcoming Easter holiday, I have for you free downloadable iPhone wallpaper! 

These tulips are courtesy of my grandma, who dropped them off for my birthday (oh yeah, I'm 18 by the way!). They were so pretty I had to turn them into iPhone wallpaper!

Getting this picture from my blog to your phone is easy. If you're already on your phone, simply hold down on the photo below until the Save Image option comes up. If you're on the computer, go ahead and right-click on the photo and save it to your computer, then send it to your phone (I do this via email). Enjoy your small taste of spring!

Don't forget: my new Etsy shop listings are up! View them here. Also, check back again on Tuesday of this week because it's my first blogiversary! I'll be doing an extra special post for that day. You won't want to miss it!

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