My 18th Birthday

5:43 PM

Eeeee! I'm 18 at last! I don't feel old enough to be an adult (and vote!), but I like the feeling of having all these new privileges, even if I don't plan on acting on most of them (e.g. buying cigarettes!!).

I've been dying to get some of these gold number balloons. My parents said they couldn't find them anywhere, but then they surprised me with them yesterday! And they're just as cool as I dreamed they would be! Even though things got a little crazy in that first picture! There was a slight breeze and the balloons just couldn't handle it. My solution:

Much better, right? I think they're going to last a while, so they'll be hanging out in the corner of my room for the next month or so. That's fine by me! It seems a shame to throw them away.

Also, I got a beautiful cake from Ettore's. We usually never buy cakes for parties, but it was really fun to pick it out and it looked so much prettier than anything I could have done. My uncle said it looked like the eraser on the tip of a pencil, which was actually very true! Still, I loved it.

My dad got me roses. And I took like twenty pictures of them. I told him he can buy me flowers anytime.

Look at all those petals!!

Which one is your favorite? I like the pink one. Or the yellow one with the red edges. Someday when I get my own place, I'll be sure to have fresh flowers around 24/7. They're so bright and cheery!

As I'm sure many of you know, I've recently been infected with a strange obsession with flamingos. (?) Can someone explain this to me? I know I'm not the only one. Needless to say, it was of course the theme for my birthday party.

(Yes that's flamingo confetti.)

I DIYed this lumbar pillow! It's one of my favorite DIYs. (See how here! Warning: the tutorial is from my blog's wonkier days!)

Well, that's it for today. I just wanted to share a few shots from my party, because it was so fun! I invited family over and we had a great time watching old home movies and eating cake and using these Table Topics cards. And my dream for a flamingo party came true! I mentioned it in a post months ago, and it actually happened! I'm excited to see what else my 19th year will bring!

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