My Favorite Instagram Accounts

2:45 PM

Instagram is by far my favorite social media platform. And I know I'm not alone, since Instagram has a following of about 400 million users! That's a lot of people! My favorite thing about it, and social media in general, is that it connects me with inspiring people from all around the world. There are so many creative people out there, and I happen to follow almost 150 of them on my Instagram account for my blog! It's a lot, and I don't keep up with every post, but it's really fun to see something new and colorful and creative every day!

DIY Spa Day

1:04 PM

With spring rolling around, I thought it was the perfect time to treat myself with a DIY spa day. Something about the fresh breeze coming through the windows and the sound of wind chimes and the warmth of the sun gets me in the mood for a good pampering session. (Also, prom is coming up this Saturday, so I thought it'd be fun to use a few DIY tricks to get ready!) For this spa day, I went all out! Hair mask, infused water, face mask, foot soak, the whole shebang.

DIY Letter Pillow

1:24 PM


I've recently been browsing the Internet for potential dorm room decor. Half the things I search up I don't even plan on buying, but it's really fun to window shop and dream about my new space. But, of course, DIYs are even more fun! This one is perfect for decorating your bedroom (and its going to look great in my dorm room this fall!).

I especially love this DIY because it's personal and you can customize it! The color and patterns of the fabric are up to you. I absolutely loved this floral pattern (and, especially since I only needed 1/3 yard, it cost me no more than $3!). Another idea: coordinating fabrics to create an entire word!

San Francisco Day Trip

1:40 PM

I recently had my last spring break of high school. I got my prom dress, visited family, worked on the blog (of course), and went to San Francisco. Living so close to San Francisco, it's a must to go at least once every school break. I feel so fortunate to live near places like San Francisco that are but an hour away!

Our last trip there was for my sister's fifteenth birthday (we conducted a very scientific study about where the best ice cream in San Francisco is, read about it here!). This time, we just walked around, eating good food and looking into fun shops. I took my camera along so I could make a little video for the blog. I'm still a little new at this video-making thing, but I like how this one turned out. Enjoy!

Here are links to some of the places I went!

Tartine Bakery
Rare Device