Portabella Mushroom Tacos with Spicy Jalapeno Sauce

7:12 AM

I once tried to be vegetarian for a whole month. It lasted about three hours until I wanted In-N-Out for dinner. So, I had to accept my weakness for In-N-Out and decided instead to eat plants as much as possible, but still allow myself to eat meat. This is easier for everyone, especially since I am still living with my parents and, well, have to eat whatever they put on the table for dinner. (So, in retrospect, you can see how this vegetarian-for-a-month challenge was doomed from the start...)

A Day in Davis

12:49 PM

UC Davis Quad Pathway

Today I'm finally announcing here on the blog that I'll be attending UC Davis in the fall! If you know me in real life (which is probably most of you), I know this is old news, but I still felt like I needed to officially post about it here because going to college is huge for me, obviously. Its going to be my life for the next four years so it's best if you all know exactly what's going on with me personally. I'm not sure how blogging is going to translate to my college life, but I'm fully intending to keep it up! We'll see what happens I guess!

Printable Coloring Page!

8:28 AM

For my birthday, I received the Secret Garden coloring book. I never thought I was the coloring type, but I've already finished several pages and bought myself some new colored pencils! So I'd say I'm officially hooked. My favorite time to color is while watching a movie or listening to music.

The other day I decided to create my very own coloring page to share with you! It was actually really fun. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to print it out.

DIY Ombre Succulent Pot

1:46 PM

Word is going around that "plant lady" is the new "cat lady", though I think I fall into both categories. I obviously love cats, and succulents have been growing on me (no pun intended!). Especially when my dad brought home this little guy! Actually, it's a girl. And her name is Ginny after Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter because it's a red-headed Irishman cactus, so obviously that was the most suitable name.

I've had her in a jar for a while, and it looked cute and all, but then she began to tip over and fall right out of her jar! I realized it was because she was growing and becoming top-heavy. So, I decided she needed a new home.

See what I mean? Plant lady for sure.

DIY Fabric Bunting

1:30 PM

Hope the first day of May is treating you well! I'm currently being attacked by some ruthless allergies while I study nonstop for IB tests coming up this week, but it's okay! Summer (and graduation!) is almost here. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Anyway, so I made this fabric bunting that I think turned out so cute! I love the way it adds a little character to a room/entryway. The hardest part is picking the fabrics! After that, this project is pretty easy.