Easy DIY Painted Basket

1:44 PM

Happy summer! I am super pumped because I am officially on summer break! Even better? I'm done with high school! I've served my four years and am sooo ready to move on. The past few weeks have been crazy, with finals and graduation and grad parties, so I was all for an easy, simple DIY. I bought this basket from the thrift store a while ago because I needed a place to store my (massive) yarn stash. It works great, but I decided to jazz it up with a little spray paint.

This DIY hardly takes any time at all! Take a piece of painter's tape and wrap it around the circumference of the basket. Make sure it is tightly secured to the basket because when you remove it, you want there to be a clean, neat edge of paint.

Now take your spray paint and spray above the painter's tape. I held a scrap piece of cardboard behind it to prevent any spray paint from getting on the other side of the basket.

Let dry, then spray on another coat. Make sure the second coat is completely dry before removing the painter's tape.

I hope you liked this simple DIY! Happy Sunday!

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