How to Throw a British Tea Party

8:30 AM


One of my all-time favorite TV shows is the Great British Bake Off on PBS. A few weeks ago, the Season 3 finale aired here in America. Before watching it, I threw a little tea party, complete with pretty tea cups, tea sandwiches, and traditional English Madeira cakes, to celebrate! It turned out to be really fun and I love how it turned out, so I thought I'd share it here!

I had the incredible opportunity to actually have tea at Harrods in London last summer and it was so fun! (See pictures from the trip here.) This tea party is decidedly less grand, but still very enjoyable.

DIY Bud Vase

9:41 AM

I absolutely love having fresh flowers around. They completely brighten up a room and have actually been proven to improve your mood! This DIY bud vase is a great way to display a single flower picked from the garden or the last surviving one from a bouquet. And all you need is a glass bottle (like a soda bottle) and spray paint in the color of your choice. I used Krylon ColorMaster in bright white.

DIY Cactus Tote Bag

7:51 AM

Okay. This may be my favorite DIY ever. I know I've said that before, but this one was really fun! I bought this tote bag at Joann's for a couple bucks a while ago and had such a hard time deciding what to do with it. Then, it came to me. I sat down and designed these cacti in Adobe Illustrator, printed them out on some transfer paper, and ironed them on. Voila! It's really easy and super cute! Perfect for your next grocery or farmer's market run. (And it eliminates all those annoying plastic bags you bring home every time you go to the grocery store.)

Adventures in Colorado

11:55 AM

Well, I've finally sorted through the hundreds of pictures that I took while in Colorado and am here this Sunday with a post recapping my trip! It was wonderful, with beautiful nature at every turn and lots of laughs and good times with family.