Adventures in Colorado

11:55 AM

Well, I've finally sorted through the hundreds of pictures that I took while in Colorado and am here this Sunday with a post recapping my trip! It was wonderful, with beautiful nature at every turn and lots of laughs and good times with family. 

We flew into the Denver airport and stayed in the city for a few days. My mom was born in Denver, and towards the end of the trip we visited the building where she was born (though it's no longer a hospital) as well as the house that she, and my grandparents, lived in when she was just a baby.

We paid a visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens, which was beautiful! We had a picnic lunch and watched the little ducklings swim around in the pond. And, of course, the flowers were gorgeous! I may be too lazy to keep up my own garden, but I love visiting them!

What squirrels are to where I live, rabbits are to Colorado! They were everywhere! And so cute!

We also went to the Downtown Aquarium. I hadn't been to an aquarium in so long! I think the most fascinating creatures were the seahorses, the octopus, and the jellyfish.

Next, we drove (in our giant rental van!) to Estes Park. We saw so much wildlife there! Elk, a coyote, deer, fish, beavers, muskrats, bald eagles (two!), and probably more that I'm forgetting. We got to stay in an amazing cabin with a great view of the Park off the balcony.

One day, we stumbled upon an elk herd! There were so many of them! It was so cool to see them up close.

So that was my Colorado trip! There were so many great pictures, but I had to pick and choose to keep this post relatively short! I've had such a great time on all of my adventures this summer and will definitely miss them as the year goes on. I'm already dreaming of the places I'll go next summer!

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