DIY Cactus Tote Bag

7:51 AM

Okay. This may be my favorite DIY ever. I know I've said that before, but this one was really fun! I bought this tote bag at Joann's for a couple bucks a while ago and had such a hard time deciding what to do with it. Then, it came to me. I sat down and designed these cacti in Adobe Illustrator, printed them out on some transfer paper, and ironed them on. Voila! It's really easy and super cute! Perfect for your next grocery or farmer's market run. (And it eliminates all those annoying plastic bags you bring home every time you go to the grocery store.)

Follow along below to learn how to make it yourself!


Step 1: Iron your tote bag to get rid of any creases. Print out the cacti designs on a single piece of iron-on transfer paper.

Step 2: Cut out each of the cacti with scissors. Cut as close to the black lines as possible, leaving a thin white border.

Step 3: Lay out each of the cacti face-down on the tote bag. Stagger them so that they form a pattern.

Step 4: Iron each of the cacti for about 60 seconds each. Don't peel the backing off any of them yet!

Step 5: Iron all the cacti and let them cool before you pull any of the backings off. If they are not fully cooled, you will pull off some of the design with the backing. 

That's it! I hope you loved this DIY as much as I did!! 

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