Chai Tea Latte Recipe

8:00 AM

The fall season is upon us! One of my favorite things about fall and winter is enjoying warm drinks! Sure, I drink tea all through the summer, but it's even better when it's cold outside. So I'm taking advantage of this season by making this delicious chai tea latte! I always order chai tea lattes whenever I go to coffee shops (since I don't really like coffee!) and I've been wanting to try and make it at home. This recipe makes enough for three to five servings, so you can enjoy it all week!

10 Fall Baking Must-Haves

8:00 AM

Fall officially begins this Thursday, and we all know fall is the season for baking! I love baking all year (it's one of my favorite things to do!) but somehow in the fall, it's even more fun. I've gathered up ten fall baking must-haves that I use and love whenever I step into the kitchen. I hope you find some baking inspiration!

Dorm Room Haul

10:14 AM

At last, the time has come to share everything I've collected over the past few months for my dorm room! I am moving into my dorm room this Saturday, so this post is very fitting, since this week will be dedicated to packing and buying last minute things for move-in weekend. I really love how everything came together in the end.

I tried to find links to these items on the Internet, but was unable to find a lot of things. (I bought most items on sale or at stores like Marshall's and HomeGoods.) If I was able to find a similar item, I linked to that instead.

On My Mind // Vol. 1

10:57 AM

Hello, my lovely readers! I'm doing something a bit different today. Sometimes writing tutorial after tutorial makes me feel a little burnt-out, which is never a good thing, especially in the realm of creative projects. So I thought I'd start this series to basically brain-dump things I've been thinking about -- good, bad, sad, happy, etc. Anything goes. Just to shake things up a bit, both for you and for me.

Another reason I decided to start this series is because my blog can start to feel really impersonal when I'm just "teaching" you how to do something week after week. And I want to change that. My name is Trina and I'm a real person! And I know you all are real people, too, not just numbers on my Google Analytics page.