10 Fall Baking Must-Haves

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Fall officially begins this Thursday, and we all know fall is the season for baking! I love baking all year (it's one of my favorite things to do!) but somehow in the fall, it's even more fun. I've gathered up ten fall baking must-haves that I use and love whenever I step into the kitchen. I hope you find some baking inspiration!

(By the way, all blog posts from now until December have been written months in advance. Today is my first full day in the dorms (I moved in yesterday), so I'll be taking some time away from the blog in order to allow myself to get adjusted. However, the blog will still post new content every Sunday automatically in my absence. See you in December and wish me luck!)

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker // I know the weather will be cooling off soon, but are you really going to allow that to keep you from enjoying homemade ice cream? I sure won't! I've had this ice cream maker for over a year now and it has served me so well! I've made countless batches of ice cream in it, and even some delicious frozen yogurt!

Tovolo Ice Cream Tub // This is the container that I use to store my ice cream in the freezer once it's done churning. It works great and has a fun pink lid!

 Silicone Baking Cups // I use these whenever I bake cupcakes or muffins. I love the fact that they're reusable!

The Year of Cozy  // This book was written by a blogger (you can check her out here!) so naturally I had to check it out. I love it! Not only does it have great recipes, but it also has ideas for fun outings and DIYs, all organized by season.

Sunbeam Breadmaker // We can all agree, I think, that homemade bread is one of the greatest things ever. And this breadmaker makes it sooo easy to make! It's like magic: you throw all the ingredients in (the flour, yeast, water, etc.), press a few buttons, and in a few hours you have delicious, fragrant, fresh bread.

Mini Spatulas // They may not look like much, but I use these mini spatulas all the time! They come in handy so often in the kitchen.

Active Dry Yeast (Two-Pound Bag) // I originally bought this for a biology experiment, but it has since proven to be very useful in the baking realm, especially since I got my breadmaker! It's more cost-effective to buy yeast in bulk, instead of buying the small packets. I've had this bag for about a year now, which is probably too long, but it's still working for me!

White Whole Wheat Flour // This website has some great information about white whole wheat flour, but basically it has all the nutrition of whole wheat flour, but is easier to bake with and can directly replace all-purpose flour, which is much more processed and not so good for you. I use white whole wheat flour for all recipes, even if they call for all-purpose. In fact, I can't remember the last time I've used all-purpose! And I've never noticed a difference.

Apron // I love this apron! It's from World Market and has protected my clothes from so many puffs of flour and splatters of chocolate!

Wilton Treat Boxes // The holiday season is coming! Turn your baked goods into gifts with these simple treat boxes. The recipient is sure to love it. Who doesn't love cookies?

That's it for now! I hope you're feeling inspired! Happy baking!

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