Dorm Room Haul

10:14 AM

At last, the time has come to share everything I've collected over the past few months for my dorm room! I am moving into my dorm room this Saturday, so this post is very fitting, since this week will be dedicated to packing and buying last minute things for move-in weekend. I really love how everything came together in the end.

I tried to find links to these items on the Internet, but was unable to find a lot of things. (I bought most items on sale or at stores like Marshall's and HomeGoods.) If I was able to find a similar item, I linked to that instead.

So, without further ado, here is my dorm room haul!

Hanging Shoe Shelves // We all know that dorm rooms are small, so I'm jumping at any opportunity to save space. These shoe shelves take advantage of vertical space and are the perfect way to organize my shoes.

Quilt (similar) // I actually got this beautiful Pottery Barn quilt at a thrift store for $15! Score! I love it so much and the colors are perfect.

Cynthia Rowley Twin XL Sheet Set // My bed, like most dorm beds, is an XL twin, so I had to buy special sheets for it. Since my quilt is so colorful and has lots of different patterns, these solid-colored sheets were perfect.

Clip Light // This clip light was a garage sale find! It practically unused and is going to be so handy.

Over-the-Door Mirror // Full-length mirrors are a must-have! And this one won't take up any extra space since it can hang over the door.

Washcloths and Towels // I loved the fun colors of these towels! I got them all at Marshall's.

Fuzzy Pillow (similar) // This pillow is so fluffy and fun!

Paper Plates (these and these) // These plates were designed by a blogger I follow (DesignLoveFest) and I think they're so cute!

Electric Tea Kettle // I'm not a coffee drinker, but I am a tea drinker, so there was no way I could go to college without a means of making tea in my dorm room! We have one of these at home and it gets used constantly.

Pencil Pouch // I sewed this pencil pouch myself using a tutorial in the book School of Sewing by Shea Henderson. It's super cute and holds a lot. I really love the black-and-white polka dots on the outside contrasted with the bright pop of pink on the inside.

Vanity Mirror // Since my goal is to spend as little time in the communal bathrooms as possible, this little vanity mirror will be great for getting ready in my dorm room.

Mesh Shower Tote // This is another must-have when dealing with communal bathrooms.

Hot Air Popcorn Maker // This popcorn popper will be so fun to use whether I'm studying in my room or inviting friends over. I'm not going to have a microwave, so this is perfect for when I want some popcorn.

Mini Fridge // This fridge was on sale at Best Buy when we bought it, which made it cheaper than renting one from my school! It's going to be great for storing random study snacks and drinks.

Flip-Flops // There was no way I was going to college without shower shoes!

String Lights // I'm really excited to hang these up around my room! I think they are going to look really cool and make my dorm room a little cozier.

Pedal with Joy Sign // My college is well-known for the insane amount of bikes on campus. It was only fitting to get this little sign to decorate a shelf.

Planner // I can't imagine handling school work without a planner. I write everything down.

File Folders // These file folders were so cute and inexpensive. They will help me stay organized as I collect random papers throughout the year.

There we go! That's pretty much everything I got for my dorm room (besides all the boring stuff). I can't wait to see how it all fits together this Saturday. Wish me luck!

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