On My Mind // Vol. 1

10:57 AM

Hello, my lovely readers! I'm doing something a bit different today. Sometimes writing tutorial after tutorial makes me feel a little burnt-out, which is never a good thing, especially in the realm of creative projects. So I thought I'd start this series to basically brain-dump things I've been thinking about -- good, bad, sad, happy, etc. Anything goes. Just to shake things up a bit, both for you and for me.

Another reason I decided to start this series is because my blog can start to feel really impersonal when I'm just "teaching" you how to do something week after week. And I want to change that. My name is Trina and I'm a real person! And I know you all are real people, too, not just numbers on my Google Analytics page.

So what's on my mind this week? First of all, it's September, which is really weird for me. How is it September and I'm not in school? This is a new feeling. I've never not been in school during the month of September. (No, I didn't drop out, I'm just going to college, and that starts in late September.)

Speaking of college, I'm getting ready to move into my dorm room. I'm trying my best to liven up the place since, let's face it, a dorm room is not much more than an empty, cold closet. Yup. One way I am combating this is by buying pillows from the thrift store, taking the existing covers off, and sewing my own. Pillow covers are probably my favorite things to sew. I've been using this tutorial and it's super easy! (I also really like this idea, but I can't think of what quote to use!) By doing it this way, I'm spending about $5 per pillow, which is such a deal, plus they're more special to me because I made them myself.

I've been doing a lot of scrapbooking and painting this summer (it's the dream!), so I've been listening to tons of podcasts and watching lots of YouTube videos. Here are a few of my favorites:
Podcasts: Dear Hank and John, Jules and Sarah the Podcast, Elise Gets Crafty
YouTube channels: Jen Campbell, Vlogbrothers, Zoella, Fran Meneses, Will Darbyshire

Are you following me on Instagram? If not, you should! I just finished up the Sketch a Day with Gingiber challenge. Read more about it here. I really liked painting everyday and sharing the finished product on Instagram, so I'll probably keep doing that in the future, even though the challenge is finished. I got a lot of practice with gouache and am considering splurging on some more expensive (and nicer) gouache paint. We'll see. I have a problem with spending money. It's hard for me for some reason!

By the way, I'm going to be posting a dorm room haul next week! I'm sharing pretty much everything I've bought for my dorm room. The post took so long to put together, but I'm excited to finally share it!

I don't know if this is too random, even for a post of random things, but something I've really enjoyed having as a snack is Trader Joe's multigrain pita chips with Trader Joe's cilantro and jalapeno hummus. So good! (And healthy, though it doesn't taste like it!) I'm definitely going to keep some hummus is my little dorm fridge when I go to college!

I'm going to be talking about this is a future post, but I am so obsessed with it at the moment, I can't not mention it here. I've been reading the Mortal Instruments book series by Cassandra Clare and it's so good! I really love it. I was really into Harry Potter, Divergent, and the Hunger Games, but now those series are over, or mostly over, and I had to find something else. So I turned to this series. It's actually been on my to-read list for a long time, and I wish I'd gotten on the train earlier!

Well, that's about it for this post. I hope this was as refreshing for you as it was for me! See you next Sunday for my dorm room haul!

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