DIY Chalkboard Bunting

8:00 AM

Tomorrow is Halloween!! Are you ready? Is your costume prepped? Have you bought your candy? As with every year, I am struck by how strange this holiday is. But I'm not arguing. I love holidays. They're opportunities to make memories with friends and family, have fun, and forget about the daily grind of life. So have fun tomorrow, whatever you're doing (but do be safe!).

This chalkboard bunting is so versatile. I decided to spell out "Happy Halloween", but you can pick any phrase, and change it up whenever you want! I'm totally going to bring it back out for Christmas and New Year's. It's super easy to make and very inexpensive. The only material you may not have already is chalkboard paint, which you can easily pick up at Michael's.

My Favorite Etsy Shops Part 1

8:00 AM

Etsy. It has expanded like crazy since it began in 2005 and now has over a million sellers and over 25 million active customers. That's a lot of people! I love Etsy and even have my own shop (check it out here!), so I decided it would be fun to start a series featuring my favorite Etsy shops. Since I have so many favorites, this series will be posted in three parts throughout the next few months. The first two parts are going to completely consist of stationery shops (since those are my favorites!) and the last part will consist of other miscellaneous shops I really like. But first, as a bit of a disclaimer, I want to say that I haven't actually purchased anything from these Etsy shops (unless otherwise stated), though I would very much like to someday! 

DIY Halloween Costumes

8:00 AM

Halloween is just around the corner, believe it or not! We have just over two weeks to come up with the perfect costume! I love making my own costumes. Handmade costumes are so much more fun than those cheap ones you can buy at Spirit. For a bit of inspiration, I gathered up six DIY costumes from across the Internet to share with you. (I didn't even realize that five out of the six were food-related until I put them all together. Oops!) Which one is your favorite? I think I like the strawberry one the best.

DIY Cinnamon Sugar Lip Scrub

8:00 AM

I've been trying to wear more lipstick lately, just because it's fun and gives me an immediate boost of confidence! Sure, you have to bother with reapplying multiple times throughout the day, but I think it's worth the extra effort. That being said, dry lips and lipstick do not go well together. That's why I decided to whip up this sugar lip scrub! I try to use it every night and always follow it up with a generous amount of lip balm. That way, in the morning, I'm prepped for my pink lipstick!

This lip scrub is super super simple to put together. It's made of ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen and can be mixed together in five minutes or less.

10 Things I've Been Loving

8:00 AM

It has been so long since I've done a favorites post, so today, that's exactly what I'm doing! I love sharing little things that I've been enjoying and this post was really fun to put together. There are so many things I could include in this list, but I narrowed it down to ten. Let's get right to it!