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Hello and happy (early) Thanksgiving! Is it really that time again? I don't have a Thanksgiving-themed post for you today, unfortunately, but I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends (and lots of food)!

Today, I'm going to share seven of my favorite YouTube channels with you. YouTube, in my opinion at least, is one of the greatest facets of the Internet. It can teach you practically anything, allow you to upload your own videos for free, and, perhaps most importantly, provide a source of endless entertainment. Whenever I'm painting or scrapbooking or doing anything that only requires a fraction of my attention, you can bet I'm watching YouTube videos.

I'm not a big fan of TV shows (except a select few). But I've come to think of each of these channels as TV shows, posting a new "episode" regularly that I can look forward to throughout the week.

So, without further ado, here are seven of my favorites:

Fran Meneses // This may be my favorite channel of them all (though honestly, my favorite changes all the time). Fran is a freelance illustrator. She was born in Chile and now lives in England. It is so interesting to learn what it's like to be a freelance illustrator. I get so excited when she posts a new video, whether it's about her favorite watercolor paints or about how she stays motivated.

Ingrid Nilsen // Ingrid's channel is mostly about lifestyle, with a little DIY mixed in. I've been watching her videos for a pretty long time now. Her channel is really popular (over 4 million subscribers!).

LaurDIY // This channel, as the name suggests, is all about crafts and DIY. She comes up with so many good ideas that are super simple to do yourself. I especially enjoy watching her room decor videos.

Will Darbyshire // This channel is a bit different from my other favorites. Will's videos are shorter and more contemplative. He talks about all sorts of stuff: introversion, dreams, fate, etc. I also enjoy watching his travel videos.

Semi Skimmed Min // Semi Skimmed Min is a really talented artist. I find her videos very relaxing, especially her speed-painting ones. Her art style is probably the polar opposite of mine. but I find it so refreshing to watch her work. It takes me out of my bubble and shows me something new and different.

Zoella // I've mentioned Zoella's channel here before. It was the first YouTube channel I started watching regularly. It sort of opened up the whole world of YouTube to me. Zoella has a ton of subscribers (over 11 million!). She has also written her own book series and started a beauty and home decor line.

Vlogbrothers // This is John and Hank Green's YouTube channel. You've probably heard of John Green, the author of the Fault in Our Stars. Together, John and Hank make videos about all sorts of things: politics, random thoughts, world issues. Most of their videos are four minutes or less, which makes them very fast-paced and fun to watch. Their educational channel, CrashCourse. has helped me so much with school.

So those are just a few of the YouTube channels that I am addicted to at the moment. As you can see, they're kind of all over the board (DIY, art, educational, lifestyle, etc.). There are just so many good ones out there!

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

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