Merry Christmas!

10:02 AM

The day is finally here. Or, should I say, it's already here! December has gone by so fast! Since Christmas is on a Sunday this year, I'm taking the day off from writing a full blog post. But I hope you all have a marvelous Christmas day and a happy New Year!

I'm heading up to my grandparents' house today and I'm so excited!! I'm definitely going to try to soak up every moment today and enjoy being with all of my favorite people.

Wow. New Year's Day is only a week away now. I'm looking forward to a new year and a fresh start. And to the next Sherlock season! I've been looking forward to the first episode of Season 4 for ages and it's finally almost here.

Anyway, enjoy this holiday season and your time with family and friends today! Merry Christmas!

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