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So much has happened since my last post! Namely, I signed a lease! I will officially not be homeless next year! Finding housing in Davis is sooo crazy. So many people are looking for housing, so all the good places fill up super fast. Luckily, a friend of mine lives in an apartment complex that we were interested in and was able to give us a tour of her place before tours officially started. So we were able to sign the lease early! Getting a place there is so competitive, the manager said that if we had waited for tours to officially start, we wouldn't have been able to get one! The whole process was insane and really stressful, but I'm hoping I can stay put for the next few years and not have to worry about apartments again for a while.

So today, in the midst of thinking about where I'm going to live next year, I thought I'd show you where I live this year! At long last, I have finally gotten around to writing up my dorm room tour. I moved into my dorm room all the way back on September 17th and took all these photos in October, but for some reason in all that time I haven't put this post together. Until now!

First things first: my tea station. From the very beginning, I knew I had to have a tea station in my dorm room. It's set up right next to my desk, so when I'm studying and want a cup of tea, I don't even have to get up to make it! (I'm lazy, I know.) I got the tea kettle from Costco. If you don't have an electric tea kettle yet, you must get one! They are the best! As far as teas go, I pretty much only have black tea: chai, peach apricot, vanilla, vanilla almond. I stuck some chamomile and green tea in there too for some variety.

My bed adds so much color to my room! I knew I wanted to put lots of pillows on it, so last summer, my mom and I made a trip to HomeGoods to pick out some fun ones. That flamingo pillow is a DIY that I shared here on the blog. I also sewed that solid coral one.

This is my desk. My dorm room came furnished, so I didn't pick it out or anything, but it works great. I situated it right in front of the window because natural light makes studying so much more enjoyable. I got a couple succulents from Trader Joe's to put in my room too -- you can see one on my desk in the above photo (unfortunately, that one has since died... I can never get them to last too long). My dorm room came with a lamp (that one on the left) but it's really big and putting it right next to my bed would have blocked the light coming in through the window. My blue clip lamp looks much better there, and it's especially great for reading in bed in the evening.

I go to UC Davis, which is known for its bikes. It's the biggest UC, so bikes are pretty much required unless you want to spend an hour walking every day. That's why I thought that Pedal for Joy sign was so fitting. Plus, I think it looks cute on my bookshelf.

This quilt was the greatest thrift store find ever! It's a PB Teen quilt that could easily have been over $120 if I had bought it new. It's so fun and cheerful! I totally love it.

I also really love my bulletin board. My dorm room came with two huge ones and I loved how this one turned out. Plus, since I used clips instead of pushpins to hang everything, I didn't have to poke holes in my pictures.

That's pretty much it! After all, it is only a dorm room so there isn't that much to see. Still, I love my little space. It's my favorite place to study. I know a lot of people prefer getting out of their rooms, but personally, I could spend all day in mine!

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