Printable Vincent Van Gogh Quote

1:01 PM

Wow. This week has been really crazy for me! I'm finding that this quarter I definitely have a lot more schoolwork to do, plus I'm in the middle of apartment-hunting with four other girls in an extremely populated college town with a very low vacancy rate for the first time ever away from home. So I'm a little stressed and sleep-deprived, but the post I planned for today was very fitting for the week I just had. I love this quote because it makes everything, even big things, seem so much more manageable. Just by doing a little bit each day, you can achieve big things. This is also a great quote for any who are starting to fall behind a bit on their New Year's resolutions (guilty!).

This idea definitely helped me in high school and it is still helping me in college. It's amazing how much easier everything seems when you only have to do a little bit each day. Like if I have a big paper to do, it may seem overwhelming, but if all I have to do that day is brainstorm or write the introduction, it's suddenly a lot easier.

If you like this quote, you can find the printable here. It's 8.5" x 11" so all you need is a standard piece of paper (cardstock is even better, though optional). I hung this quote up on my bulletin board in my room and it's a great reminder.  I hope it inspires you as much as it inspires me!

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