What I Got For Christmas 2016

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 2017 is officially off and running now. We've packed up the Christmas decorations, I've finalized my resolutions, and now I'm getting ready to get back to the everyday routine. The weeks following the holidays are always hard, but I really enjoyed all the time I got to spend with family over the last month.

That being said, I'm going to take us back to the holidays one more time by sharing what I got for Christmas! The first few items are pictured above. I loved my old set of Faber-Castell artist pens, but they are all completely dried out, so I got a new set for Christmas. This one has eight pens, whereas my old set only had four. I'm excited to try them out! 

I also got a Leuchtturn 1917 A5 notebook. I am obsessed with stationery and have wanted one of these notebooks for ages! They are so beautiful! This particular one has plain pages and is in the color Emerald. I'm using it for my 2017 bullet journal (more on that in another post!). 

Finally, on the right are two of my new favorite pens! The first one is the Tombow Brush Pen, which writes wonderfully, and the second one is the FriXion Erasable Gel Pen, which is amazing because it writes really well and it's erasable!

Next up is one of my favorite teas! This is the Harney and Sons Vanilla Comoro. It tastes so good and it's decaffeinated so you can drink it any time of day. Plus I think the tin is beautiful.

This is the Winsor and Newton Watercolor Pocket Box. I've been wanting some Winsor and Newton paints for a while because they are such good quality. This little size was perfect because I get to try out a bunch of different colors but the small size keeps it fairly inexpensive (Winsor and Newton products can be pricey). It's also the perfect size for me since I'm always toting my watercolor supplies to college and back. I also got a pack of brushes in a bunch of different sizes. They are lovely so far.

I love using face masks, so I put a bunch on my Christmas wish list! I found these inexpensive sheet masks on Amazon. They come in a pack of sixteen, and I'm excited to try all the different ones. The ones I've tried so far have been great.

I also got two Lush products as well. I picked out the Mask of Magnaminty and Herbalism. They are both amazing, but I especially love the Herbalism one.

Isn't this the cutest little pink kitchen scale ever? I found at World Market. I can just imagine it sitting on the counter in my future kitchen. It's adorable!

I also got several L'Occitane products for Christmas. I love L'Occitane and really enjoy trying out all their different products. The little tubes of lotion are especially perfect for sticking in my backpack and taking to school.

I have wanted a S'well bottle for a while, but they were always too expensive for me to justify buying for myself. I didn't even put one on my list, but I ended up getting this one in a Christmas gift exchange! I love it. It really does keep my water cold all day, though the bottom is slightly rounded and I feel like it is always falling over! But that's just a little thing and overall I really like it. I also love how narrow the body is because I recently got a Fjallraven Kanken backpack and the water bottle holder is really tight, but this bottle fits in there perfectly.

I also got a super cute travel mug that is spill-proof! I've got some 9 A.M. classes this quarter, so I'm looking forward to taking some hot tea with me in my new travel mug. I especially love the fact that it's spill-proof because I bike to class and it's hard to keep a travel mug steady!

If you are left-handed, you have to get yourself a Lefty notebook! Having the spiral on the right side means that it doesn't get in the way of your hand when you're taking notes. I can't wait to use this one in class. Also, the pages are college-ruled, which I definitely prefer to wide-ruled.

I am in love with this Lady Alamo pouch! Lady Alamo is a small business based in San Francisco that sells handmade backpacks, bags, and pouches. They are such good quality and have the cutest designs! I would definitely recommend that you check them out. I got this pouch at the Etsy Indie Holiday Emporium in San Francisco and the seller was super nice, even when I took ages to decide which one to get!

One of my New Year's resolutions is to start a quilt. I am so excited to get started! I bought an online quilting class from one of my favorite bloggers, Elise Joy, a couple weeks ago that I'm really excited about.

I also got this rotary cutter for Christmas because it will make it so much easier to cut all the fabric pieces that quilting requires. I bought myself this EK Tools self-healing mat so that I can use the rotary cutter right on it and avoid damaging the tabletop.

I had such a good time writing this post! It was so fun to look back at all the great gifts that I got for Christmas! Of course Christmas isn't just about the gifts, but it sure is a fun part.

Hope your first week of 2017 went well. Keep an eye out for next week's post!

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