My Top Five Favorite Teas

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One of the things I love about winter (perhaps the only thing!) is how much more I enjoy drinking tea during it. I mean, I drink tea year-round, and always enjoy it, but I enjoy it even more so in the winter, when it's dark and dreary and cold outside. It warms you up from the inside out, hydrates you (seriously, I think all of my water intake in the winter is from tea), and is super healthy! Now that I'm in college, I spend a lot more time in my room at my desk than in class, so I have access to tea pretty much whenever I want! (I even set up a tea station!)

So since I love tea so much, I thought it only fitting to share some of my favorite teas. These are five staples that I keep in my dorm room and totally love! Three of the five are black teas, one is green tea, and the fifth is an herbal tea. 

Trader Joe's Spiced Chai Tea: Chai tea will always be one of my favorites. But I have run into some chai teas that I don't like, believe it or not. This one, though, is the best I've come across. I love my spices, and this tea has so many -- cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom, star anise, black pepper, nutmeg, roasted chicory, and vanilla bean!! Makes me want to go make myself a cup of it right now!
Harney and Sons Vanilla Comoro Tea: This one has the best vanilla flavor! And it's decaffinated, which is another plus. I love it so much, I got two tins of it for Christmas!
Downton Abbey Christmas Tea: This one is probably the priciest tea of the five, but it's so good! It tastes (and smells) so lovely. It's made of mulling spices (cinnamon, cloves, allspice, etc.) and is similar to orange spice tea, if you've ever had that before. Unfortunately this tea is seasonal and is only available starting September 1st for the holidays, but be sure to snatch it when it becomes available!
Costco Green Tea with Matcha: This one has been a favorite of mine for a while now. The matcha powder makes it a very satisfying green tea.
Trader Joe's Ginger Turmeric Herbal Tea: When I first tried this tea, I actually didn't like it, which I can hardly believe now as it is one of my all-time favorites! Plus, it's decaffeinated so you can have it at any time of day. If you decide to try it, give it a couple chances before you give up on it. It's a strong, unique taste, but I totally love it now and probably drink it at least once a day!

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