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Gosh, I've never ever procrastinated so much on a blog post before!! But I have also never missed a Sunday, so here I am, cranking out today's post before the day ends! I think I have an okay excuse. My 19th birthday was last Thursday and my family and I spent this weekend celebrating both mine and my mom's (we share the same birthday!). So basically, I've been too busy having fun to sit down and write this post! But I finally opened up my laptop, poured myself a cup of tea, and sat down on my bean bag chair to write it.

As a fun birthday-themed post, I thought I'd share 19 random things about me, since it's my 19th birthday. It was actually really fun to put together this list. I love answering fun questions, like picking a favorite ice cream flavor or choosing what you would spend a million dollars on. This post kind of felt like that! So here goes:

1) My biggest pet peeve is when people breath on me.
2) I've been on a reading spree recently and now I'm unofficially trying to read one book a week this year, even though my Goodreads reading goal is only 25 books.
3) The public library is one of my favorite places to go, but I dislike going to my college campus library. You can just feel the stress in the air.
4) I actually genuinely love eating vegetables. I would happily eat a whole plate of roasted brussel sprouts.
5) I am a sucker for a good quote. I keep a quote journal where I record all the good ones I come across.
6) I really really enjoy listening to Harry Potter audio books. They are so comforting and I know the story so well that I don't have to pay super close attention. (I have the habit of spacing out when listening to audio books.)
7) I love using public transportation. As a UC Davis student, I can take the Unitrans bus for free so I take it to the public library all the time, even though biking is way faster.
8) The last really good book I read was Station Eleven. It was a dystopian novel, but there was so much more to it than most dystopian novels I've read.
9) I'm not a huge fan of movies, but there have been a few that I've loved. I couldn't tell you why, but here are some random ones: The Imitation Game, The Intern, Little Women (specifically the 1994 version).
10) This is totally random, but I've been thinking a lot about this quote by John Green for some reason: "Imagine others complexly".
11) Watching sports bores me to tears.
12) I can't handle scary movies. Zombies in particular terrify me.
13) My guilty pleasure is definitely watching Zoella's vlogs. It's such a waste of time, I know; you don't need to tell me!
14) I'm an early bird. I don't actually have to get up early for school now that I'm in college but I do anyway and love how quiet the dorms are in the morning.
15) One thing I'm currently looking forward to is getting these Tombow brush pens in the mail. They look so cool and I'm a sucker for markers.
16) There are three things that I never did before college that I frequently do now: drink coffee, take naps, and stay up late. It's possible that those three things are correlated.
17) I'm taking a ceramics class next quarter and I am very excited.
18) I love going to Barnes and Noble, but whenever I go I just take pictures of books I want to read, then put them on hold at the library!
19) I've really been enjoying my bullet journal so far this year.

That's it for today's post, but keep an eye out for another post this Wednesday, on March 8th. I normally only post on Sundays, but something exciting is happening on Wednesday. I won't say what now, but you'll see soon enough. Until then!

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