My 100 Day Project

7:00 AM

This year, for the first time ever, I have decided to take part in the 100 Day Project!! The 100 Day Project was started by artist Elle Luna in an effort to encourage people to pursue their creative passion everyday. The 100 Day Project is pretty simple: you just choose something creative to do every day for 100 days, preferably something that takes ten minutes and is not too involved. Elle Luna has set up a website dedicated to the 100 Day Project where she describes it in better detail. You can read her article on the 100 Day Project here if you're interested.

So what is my 100 Day Project? Hand lettering! I have always loved hand lettering and want to get better at it! I'm not restricting myself to any one lettering technique; I can go for calligraphy, doodling, block lettering, cursive, whatever! This project is especially perfect because it doesn't actually take that long to write out one quote a day. I can make it fancy if I have extra time or keep it simple if all I have is 10 minutes. Elle Luna encourages people to create a unique, personal hashtag on Instagram, so mine is going to be #100DaysofHandLetteringbyTrina. If you want to track my progress, you can just click here. (I've also created a link under the heading of my blog called My 100 Day Project.) The project lasts from April 4th to July 12th, so you can follow along starting this Tuesday!

Though I haven't participated myself in the 100 Day Project before, I have followed other people's projects. One of my all-time favorites was Sarah Ehlinger's #100DaysofPlantsandPots. You can view it here. It was beautiful and I so enjoyed following along!

Another favorite of mine was Viktorija Semjonova's #100DaysofGouache (gouache is a type of paint, similar to watercolors). You can see it here. Viktorija didn't do all 100 days consecutively, but she did eventually complete 100 gouache paintings. 

Wish me luck!! I've heard that it takes a lot of discipline and perseverance to complete all 100 days, so let's hope I don't give up halfway through! 

I'll end with this quote, illustrated by Elle Luna herself. I think it perfectly sums up the heart of the 100 Day Project.

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