My 19th Year Scrapbook

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When I turned 18, I thought it would be a perfect time to start documenting my life year-by-year. I had the desire to start a scrapbook, and combining that with the fact that I was entering my very first year of adulthood and would soon be undergoing a major life change (college), the time was ripe to start recording my memories.

Because I celebrated my 19th birthday in March, and thus began my 20th year of life, it was time to start wrapping up my 19th Year Scrapbook. During spring break, I printed out my final batch of photos and filled up the last few pages. I put so much time into this scrapbook (literally hours and hours and hours), so I thought I'd share a few photos of some of my favorite pages here.

From one birthday to the next.

This is the first page of my scrapbook. I loved those balloons! So so so fun for pictures!

One of the best things about having a scrapbook is that it gives you an excuse to buy all the pretty little craft supplies you find in Michael's. I loved these ribbons; they added so much texture and color to the page!

Another thing I loved were my letter stamps. I used them so much. They are way better than letter stickers because you never run out of letters! I found an entire set of miniature letter stamps at the thrift store (score!) and use them everywhere in my scrapbook, in addition to my set of larger letters.

My favorite way to use a sheet of scrapbook paper is by cutting it into a small rectangle and gluing it in the center of the page, placing the photos around it. I found it really anchored everything together and, with the same paper on each side of the spread, tied together the two pages.

My sister did a Project Life album a few years ago and had some leftover gold-foil pieces that I put in my scrapbook wherever I could. So pretty!

Washi tape is a must for scrapbooking! It's so fun and even little pieces add so much color! 

I was so glad I got to document the day I moved into my college dorm in my scrapbook. It was such a big day for me and, when I look back on it, it still feels so surreal. It was something I will always remember. It's so crazy that it's almost time to move out already.

I thought it was important to document not only events, but hobbies. That includes my crafting projects, my blog and Etsy shop, baking, cooking, and, as shown above, my bullet journal! It was especially easy to just stick these pictures in because I already had them from my bullet journal blog post.

This is one of my favorite spreads. The memory itself is so fun and the whiteness of the snow really ties all the pictures together.

These were my two attempts at glittery letters. I definitely liked the second one better, because the glitter looked much nicer on the paper letters than on the cardboard letters, in my opinion.

I can't believe I've been working on this scrapbook for a whole year! It's been so much fun! I've loved the process -- sitting for hours at the table with my scrapbook paper and glue and washi tape, listening to Harry Potter audiobooks. It's one of my favorite things to do now. I'm already several pages into my next scrapbook (My 20th Year!) and I love how it's turning out so far. I can't wait to show it on the blog in a year from now.

You can find the scrapbook I used here. I splurged on one from Paperchase and totally loved it!! The blank Kraft pages gave me so much freedom and the ribbon helped keep it shut as it slowly expanded throughout the year. It didn't come with sheet protectors, so after I finished it, I stuck sheets of acid-free paper between each of the pages to help protect the pictures a bit.

I hope something in this post inspired you! I have officially fallen in love with scrapbooking and can't wait to get back at it this summer! (Just over 50 days left until I finish freshman year!! I have a countdown going, of course.) Hope you have a wonderful week and I'll see you next Sunday for another post!

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