A Catch-Up

4:07 PM

It's officially summer break! I feel like I was the last student on Earth to get out of school (that's the quarter system for you), but now I'm ready to enjoy a long, relaxing summer.

It has been a crazy last few days for me, so I decided to write a quick catch-up post. My last catch-up post was in December, so its time for another one! Besides, I love writing these because they are so unstructured and I can talk about whatever I want, whether it all relates or not!

Last Thursday, I moved out of the dorms!! I never really thought past the first year of college, and now I have moved out of the dorms and have been promoted to the status of sophomore. Wow! The moving-out process was pretty intense. It was so insanely crowded and there was virtually no parking. We had to carry all of my stuff from my dorm down to the parking lot in 100° heat. (To be honest, I actually only took one load down to the car. My dad did most of the hard work! That one load was enough to make my arms sore the next day though, so I don't know how he did it!)

Speaking of my dad, happy Father's Day! I'm looking forward to a relaxed day at home spent with my family, which is really my favorite way to spend a day. We're going to have hamburgers in honor of my dad and I'm finally going to bake him the oatmeal cookies he's been wanting for ages.

One of the things I'm going to be sure to do this summer is read as much as possible! I'm somehow still on-track with my goal to read 52 books this year. Right now I'm reading A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. The author is incredibly clever. He constructs his sentences with so much skill. I'm not an intense literary critic or anything, but I can tell that he put a lot of thought into every word.

I'm also planning to read the entire Anne of Green Gables series! It's such a heart-warming story. My aunt kindly let me borrow her boxed set (thanks Aunt Stephanie, if you're reading this!). There are eight books in total, and I've read the first one and half of the second one so far. I'm also planning to watch the original Anne of Green Gables films, cook from the Anne of Green Gables cookbook, and, for as long as my free 1-month Netflix trial lasts, watch the Anne with an E Netflix series. I'm calling this summer the Summer of Anne of Green Gables!

Okay, last thing concerning books -- I discovered a new favorite Booktube channel! It's called Read by Zoe. Zoe has such a fun personality and we share similar book preferences, so I've gotten a lot of good recommendations from her videos. Plus, she's a huge Harry Potter fan, so how can I not like her?

If you know me, you know I'm going to have lots of food adventures this summer! Firstly, I am a big almond-milk lover. I'm not a fan of cow's milk because its just too heavy. Almond milk is lighter and has way less calories. Plus, though I know its still being debated, many people say diary isn't actually good for you, specifically for your skin. I'm not going to say anything else about that, and of course I still consume plenty of dairy (ice cream!!!), but when I make things such as oatmeal or smoothies, I figured I'd might as well use almond milk, right? This summer I'm going to try and make my own almond milk! This recipe on the Kitchn is super straightforward. Apparently it tastes way better than store-bought!

I'm also going to try baking with all sorts of new flours, such as rye and spelt. It will be so fun to experiment with new sorts of desserts and breads. Yesterday, my family and I headed to San Francisco for the afternoon (we had the best time!) and got pizza at the Mill, which is a coffee shop that also makes amazing toast, pizza, and bread. Plus they sell their own, freshly ground flour, including types that are hard to find in stores. I'm particularly interested in trying their red wheat flour!

Oh wow, this post quickly turned into an essay. Congrats if you made it this far! I really could go on and on. I thought of so many random things I wanted to talk about while writing this post. But, alas, I'll let you go and enjoy the rest of your day. I hope you are all having a fabulous summer and a happy happy Father's Day!

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