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During the last week of July, my family and I traveled up to Washington to visit the beautiful Olympic National Park. I always share a few photos here on the blog from trips that I take, but for this one, I have something extra cool to share.

As you all probably know, I think Elise Joy is a genius! I get so many good ideas and endless inspiration from her. It is through her that I first heard about this amazing app called 1 Second Everyday. (Yes, I know it costs money, but it's worth it!) Basically, you record a series of 1-second video clips throughout a year or throughout a trip and the app puts it all together for you in a short, concise video. I tried it out for this trip and I love the result! Each video clip really brings me back to that moment. If you scroll alllll the way down to the bottom of this post, you will find the video there. But first, a few photos!

The first thing we did after arriving in Washington, besides stopping by Trader Joe's for a quick grocery run, was ride the Edmonds ferry. Having never been to Washington, I was mind-blown when we drove our car onto the gigantic boat, and was also mind-blown by the crazy long line beforehand, which we unfortunately did not consider, even though it was noon on a Saturday and we probably should have expected it. Nevertheless, we made it across eventually, and the actual ferry ride was super fun. After that, we drove to Sequim (pronounced Squim!!) to attend the Lavender Festival there.


My favorite parts of the festival were touring the gorgeous local lavender farms and, for dessert, choosing from six different flavors of lavender ice cream! I tried lemon lavender ice cream and was not disappointed.

Lochaerie Resort was our last, and my favorite, stop. We stayed in an awesome cabin called Colonel Bob that had an amazing view of Lake Quinault! I spent a lot of time on the porch reading, though my family did manage to drag me away a couple times to go see a few waterfalls and go canoeing on the lake.

This was my little bedroom. The cabin had three bedrooms, so I got my very own! It was awesome. And that bed was so so so comfortable!! This photo is really dark, but the room was just so adorable, complete with a slanted roof!! (I am obsessed with slanted roofs.)

I loved having fires in the evenings in that little fireplace. Even though it was the end of July when we were there, the weather was pleasant and it cooled off in the evenings just enough to warrant a fire.

The waterfalls we went to were stunning (and, I admit, worth leaving the porch)! I whipped out my touristy selfie-stick and we got some pretty great family photos.

As I am an extreme cat person, one of my favorite parts of the trip was meeting Walter at Lochaerie Resort! She is the sweetest cat. Everyday, I looked forward to going up to the office in the evenings to say hello. She could always be found napping on the gravel at around 5 o'clock.

Right before we left, I brought up all of our recyclables in this brown paper bag. Turns out that Walter loves hanging out in paper bags! We decided to leave it with her since she obviously appreciated it so much more than we did.

These gorgeous blue hydrangeas were everywhere in Washington! A year or two ago, my dad tried to make his hydrangeas turn blue by adding aluminum sulfate to the roots. They did turn blue in the end, but nothing as vibrant and beautiful as these. Turns out, the color of the flower has something to do with the acidity of the soil. The soil in Washington is ideal for growing blue hydrangeas, unlike the soil in northern California, apparently.

The owners of Lochaerie Resort were so so nice!! They really made the place feel like home for the few days we were there. Whenever I came up to the office looking for Walter, Tom always stopped what he was doing to help me find him. They had these beautiful hollyhocks in front of their house that were stunning! I just had to take a picture.


Last, but not least, here is the video I made! I love taking pictures, but there is something about video that really captures the moment. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures!

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