Apartment Update

2:04 PM

On September 1st, my apartment lease officially started and I got to see my apartment for the first time! It was so crazy. For so long, my life was the same. And now it's changing so much! I feel like I'm being pushed into adulthood. For all you older adults out there, I know what you're thinking -- kids these days think they're so old when they're really not. I know I'm not old. What I mean is that I'm doing so many things that, to be honest, I don't feel 100% ready for: college, living on my own, having a job, paying a PG&E bill, cooking for myself. Having this apartment is just another one of those things.

That being said, I am excited about this. I don't want to sound negative. This is going to be a super exciting year for me. I am looking forward to a lot of things to come. I'm ecstatic about having a kitchen again (I missed it last year!). Also, I get to decorate my new room!! So far, it has been even more fun planning out my apartment room than my dorm room mainly because all the furniture is my own. My dorm room came furnished, so it didn't feel quite like my own. Granted, all of my furniture is from friends or the thrift store, but still. 

This is the downstairs common area. We were so so so lucky to get this couch. My mom's friend gave it to us and I love it!! It fits really well downstairs and fills up the space perfectly. I was worried it was going to feel empty downstairs, but the couch immediately made it a lot more homey. Plus, it's so big that all five of us can sit on it together and still feel like we have space to spread out.

It was a struggle getting the couch to the apartment, but luckily I have the best extended family in the world and they helped me move-in. They provided the muscle, the truck, and the brains to figure out how the heck to get the couch through the doorway (unscrew the feet). Plus, it was so fun to have them all there with me on such an exciting day!!

Another thing I love about this apartment is how the upstairs bathroom is set up. The shower, toilet, and two sinks are all separate. Plus, there's a bathroom downstairs. This is perfect since there are five of us. None of us will have to wait long, or at all, to take a shower or use the bathroom. Also, if someone else is taking a shower, I can still brush my teeth or wash my face.

Now for my room! I got the smallest bedroom, but it's still bigger than my room at home. I love it so much already. I'm really happy that I get to have my own space. Obviously, it's not finished yet. I'm still in the process of moving in. (I'll write up another post when it's all set up.) But it's really nice to move in slowly. Last year when I moved into the dorms, we had one day to move-in. This year, I have a whole month between the start of my lease and the start of school.

Most of the things in my room are just carried over from my dorm room, but somehow having it all in this different space makes it feel new again. Plus, I have a few new additions, like a huge bulletin board I got for $7 at a thrift store. And my little white bedside table. And a vintage chair I can drape my quilt over. And the fabric bins I sewed over the summer. (Can you spot them?)

This is the view out my window. Not bad, as far as apartment windows go. I am right across from another window, but I don't mind too much. I surprisingly get a lot of natural light in my room (and throughout the rest of the apartment). My mom and I hypothesized that this is because the building across from my window is a really light gray, almost white, and reflects the light back to my window. Sort of like snow on a sunny day. But regardless of whether or not that's right, I am really glad I get sufficient natural light. It is such a mood booster for me.

That's all I have today. I know it's not much, but I'll be sure to share more pics of the apartment as it comes along. I have a feeling that sophomore year is going to be very different from freshman year, but in a good way. Thank you so much for following along with me on this crazy journey!

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